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  • Shadowrun 6 | Core rulebook...
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    Shadowrun 6 | Core rulebook...

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    Are you ready to risk everything? The Sixth World. One of the most enduring RPG settings ever created, with shadows growing deeper and darker in its latest edition. Dominated by enormous, world-striding megacorporations strangling metahumanity in their clutches, by 2080 most of the planet has surrendered to these corporate overlords.But from the darkest shadows, defiance flickers in people known as shadowrunners. They risk everything—wrestling magical energies, channeling them into power; putting their minds against the electronic void of the Matrix; trading flesh and blood for chrome and steel. Stand up, join them, and dare to risk it all!

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  • Shadowrun 5 | Street...
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    Shadowrun 5 | Street...

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    Paying with Your Soul

    Magic can burn your brain and sear your soul. It can inject power into every millimeter of your veins, or leave you a lump of ashes at the end of a dark alley. It’s dangerous, but to spellslingers in the Sixth World, it’s worth it. Because magic is power, and power in the Sixth World needs to be grabbed with both hands.

    Spells, rituals, alchemical preparations, adept powers, metamagics—all of those elements and more can be used to help an Awakened shadowrunner move off the streets and get a taste of the high life. Street Grimoire has more options for Shadowrun players, along with information on magical traditions, magic societies, and the dangers and benefits of living as a spellcaster in a world where “geek the mage first” is a common adage

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  • Shadowrun 5 | Dark terrors...
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    Shadowrun 5 | Dark terrors...

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    You heard the scream. It’s important to remember that. Sometimes, when it’s late, and you hear something that sounds like a scream echoing through dark alleys, you try to convince yourself that it was something else. An animal. An illusion. Anything but what it sounded like. But it was a scream. You heard it, and you’ll hear it again, because in the Sixth World, the supply of terror is growing. Bug spirits work to devour corporations from within. Shedim claim dead bodies and mobilize to their own dark ends. And the hidden corners of the metaplanes and the Matrix contain creatures that are best not imagined, because to imagine them is to sever ties with reason. Dark Terrors is a catalog of the horrors lurking under the surface of the Sixth World.

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  • Shadowrun 6 | GM Screen [ENG]
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    Shadowrun 6 | GM Screen [ENG]

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    This Shadowrun, Sixth World Gamemasters Screen is what you want it to be. How do we know? Because you get to shape it. A player-facing large pocket lets you share scene inserts to change up the players visual experience, with many included with the screen. Card pockets on the GM side help them track current NPCs and other game stats, while the GM side also displays commonly used tables. Reference sheets for the players provide easy access to critical information.

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Juegos de rol Postapocalípticos

Descubre los mejores juegos de rol postapocalípticos enfocados a la recreación de mundos distópicos, con mecánicas que te animan a disfrutar de partidas de rol pesimistas, en las que explorar mundos devastados por una catástrofe mundial. 

Desde grandes guerras que destruyen todo atisbo de civilización, hasta epidemias que amenazan con la extinción de la raza humana, puedes disfrutar de un amplio rango de juegos de supervivencia apocalíptica. Vivir otro día más es la máxima prioridad en los juegos de este género.

En esta sección puedes encontrar juegos de rol como Mutant Year Zero, Frágil o Degenesis.

Coge tus dados poliédricos, tu ficha de personaje y prepárate a disfrutar de juegos de rol postapocalípticos, centrados en la exploración y la supervivencia.

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